MasterDeal Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Harmony Land Group which operates in the property sales sector.

MasterDeal Indonesia collaborates with us, GPS Pro, to help accelerate the sales of property units owned by MasterDeal Indonesia.

Taxi Maxim Indonesia is a transportation service company based on online application technology.

GPS Pro, as one of Taxi Maxim Indonesia's vendors, has the task of helping increase the number of new users of the TaxiMaxim Ojek Online Transportation application. And GPS Pro also helps introduce the Taxi Maxim Indonesia company in several regions in Indonesia.

Roneve is a company that operates in the automotive maintenance sector.

Roneve Automotive and Industrial Chemicals produces a range of chemical products for Automotive and Industry with the best quality.

GPS Pro is one of the companies that helps increase sales of Roneve products. is a company that operates in the services sector and also in the e-Commerce Platform (StartUp) technology sector which has systems and/or programs that can help maximize and optimize a company's business. is an aggregator/promoter company that is well known by several large national companies/agencies.

GPS Pro supports expert workers in improving programs and work systems for several projects / jobs owned by